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On future insurability

One of the common misconceptions about health insurance is that health insurers, like auto insurers, can drop their clients at any point if they become to risky. In fact, health insurers must honor their plan with their policy holders so long as they are up to date with all payments and contractual obligations. Nonetheless, when [...]

Great video set

The Washington Policy Center has released a three-part video set on health care reform. Highlights include a shot of the actual health care bill – over 1,000 pages (no wonder there is concern it won’t be read!), an excerpt from a list of what the current legislation would pay for, including street lights and farmers’ [...]

Freedoms you’ll lose under the congressional reform plan

CNN Money reports on the five freedoms Americans would lose if the current congressional health care reform plan were put through: The freedom to choose what’s in your plan Freedom to be rewarded for healthy living by paying your real costs Freedom to choose high deductible coverage The freedom to keep your existing plan The freedom [...]

Health care costs and bankruptcy

Many Americans believe that the high costs of health care are bringing about more instances of bankruptcy across the country, especially as the number of uninsured Americans rises in the recession. According to Brett Skinner of the Fraser Institute, though, there is not evidence that this is the case – or at least there is [...]

83 year old Swedish woman too old to receive treatment

Marianne Skogh is an 83-year old Swedish woman who suffered from spinal stenosis. Skogh waited over a year to see a specialist under Sweden’s public health care system, only to be told that the pain and numbness in her legs was something that could be treated, but she was too old to undergo that treatment. [...]