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How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally?

Lowering cholesterol levels can prevent high blood pressure. There are two ways to lower cholesterol levels- through prescribed medications and doing it naturally. Buying doctor prescribed medicines is costly compared to lowering cholesterol through natural means. To lower cholesterol naturally can be done by changing diets, changing lifestyles and devoting time for a physical exercise [...]

Empower People, Not Insurance Companies

The Caesar Rodney Institute says that in the health reform debate, we should ask “If Americans were starting from scratch with establishing a health care insurance framework in America, what would we want?” It’s not that we can actually start from scratch, the institute says. But rather, it focuses the mind. The Delaware-focused institute says: [...]

Beware of Official Cost Estimates of New Health Plans

You know the expression about taking something with a grain of salt? When it comes to advocates of new government health programs making estimates of how much their dreams will cost, you might want to find the Sam’s Club-sized version. Mitch Pearlstein, president of the Center of the American Experiment, dusted off an op-ed he [...]

Texas Gave Tort Reform a Chance

Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) argues an obvious but important point: Medical malpractice reform is nowhere in the national debate on health care, and it should be. Perry offers up his own state as an example of the problems caused by medical lawsuits, and what a state might do about it. The problem: Just six years [...]

How Much Will This Cost?

Eric Davis of the Nevada Policy Research Institute reminds us of one of the bizare features of health care today: We rarely know how much something will cost ahead of time. As if we needed another example of how the health care industry needs a shake-up. The problem isn’t simply that it may be hard to [...]