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Kansas Agencies Stops Helping Pro-ObamaCare Union

Cross-posted from State House Call Kansas is a deep-red, Republican state that would have nothing to do with a government takeover of health care, right? Not quite. Start with the fact that Kathleen Sebelius, President Obama’s secretary of health and human services, is a Democrat and former governor. Now, two agencies in the state government [...]

Great tips for weight loss

If you have been working at getting rid of fat for a long time, and have reached a plateau or can’t seem to lose the last few trouble spots, you aren’t alone. Many people make the needed lifestyle changes to improve nutrition choices and to exercise more. They may lose weight to be within sight [...]

Anti Aging

Anti Aging is all about taking the help of certain tips, techniques and treatment methods in order to look and feel younger and healthier irrespective of your age. All these methods and techniques help a person slow down, prevent or even reverse the ravaging effects of aging. A host of products, therapies and resources available [...]

Drug Rehab – Life Saver For The Addicted

Drug addiction is a bane for the youth of the modern American society, but with advanced drug rehab facilities and medical assistance available, it is curable. Drug rehab program available in most institutions also handle alcohol treatment. Drug Rehab program run by various rehabs, generally, fall into different categories. Decisions are taken only after a [...]

Beauty And The Epilator

As much as we want to deny it, we tend to make little judgments in our heads when we meet a person for the first time. This comes with the saying that first impression matters. And sure enough, it doesn’t stop at characteristics and manners of the individual but a little weight is given to [...]