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What Is Fitness Training Schedule?

Following a fitness training schedule is the key to an effective training program. It not only involves planning the days of the week, but the time as well. Scheduling which days to do the exercise routine has its benefit, but having a schedule can help plan out the activity needed to be done, and thus [...]

Yes We Can … Without Big Government

Cross-posted from State House Call. The  Cato Institute has released a new report from Michael F. Cannon, which offers a solid alternative to a government takeover of health care. Here’s the first paragraph: In March 2009, President Barack Obama said, “If there is a way of getting this done where we’re driving down costs and [...]

A Clothing-store Riot and Today’s Health Reform

Cross-posted from State House Call. What does reform legislation envisioned in Congress have in common with a chaotic day at an Ohio clothing store? A lot, says Gary Palmer, president of the Alabama Policy Institute. According to media reports, a woman pulled up to a Burlington Coat Factory in a Hummer limousine, walked to the [...]

Use Tort Reform to Increase Access to Health Care

Cross-posted from State House Call. Joe Nixon recalls what Texas has done with medical malpractice reform, and suggests that other states do the same. “These common-sense reforms,” he says, “have led to a massive increase in the accessibility of health care in Texas, huge growth in the capital infrastructure of hospitals and clinics, hundreds of [...]

Health Care by Government Employee Unions

Cross-posted from State House Call. The more that health care gets concentrated in a single employer or payer, the more difficult it is to implement necessary reforms–especially when you’ve got unions and politicians involved. That’s the story of the Mackinac Center’s video “Power Play,” which looks at the difficulties of reform in the Canadian approach [...]