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Whole Food Employees Praise Innovative Health Insurance Ideas

Cross-posted from State House Call. Whole Foods employees talk with Reason.TV about the health care coverage that the grocery store union doesn’t want them to have. A union official in the video says that the workers don’t know any better. (For background, see John Mackey’s essay in the Wall Street Journal. Mackey is the CEO [...]

On future insurability

One of the common misconceptions about health insurance is that health insurers, like auto insurers, can drop their clients at any point if they become to risky. In fact, health insurers must honor their plan with their policy holders so long as they are up to date with all payments and contractual obligations. Nonetheless, when [...]

What You Should Know About Colorado Health Insurance

The legal procedures of Colorado are designed in a way so as to allow buyers of Colorado health insurance the unique chance of individual policies. One of the drawbacks of the state’s health insurance policies is the fact that insurers are allowed to reject applicants if they have a pre existing medical condition. This holds [...]