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Facts *are* stubborn things

The White House is serious about health care reform. They are so serious that they have asked anyone who sees “disinformation” being spread that might cause Americans to doubt that President Obama’s agenda for health care reform is good for the country to report it to the White House by emailing it to In a [...]

On future insurability

One of the common misconceptions about health insurance is that health insurers, like auto insurers, can drop their clients at any point if they become to risky. In fact, health insurers must honor their plan with their policy holders so long as they are up to date with all payments and contractual obligations. Nonetheless, when [...]

Health care costs and bankruptcy

Many Americans believe that the high costs of health care are bringing about more instances of bankruptcy across the country, especially as the number of uninsured Americans rises in the recession. According to Brett Skinner of the Fraser Institute, though, there is not evidence that this is the case – or at least there is [...]