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Health Care by Government Employee Unions

Cross-posted from State House Call. The more that health care gets concentrated in a single employer or payer, the more difficult it is to implement necessary reforms–especially when you’ve got unions and politicians involved. That’s the story of the Mackinac Center’s video “Power Play,” which looks at the difficulties of reform in the Canadian approach [...]

States have Already Tested these Reforms

Cross-posted from State House Call. Congress wants to enact sweeping new regulations on insurance companies as well as a tax on individuals who don’t buy insurance. Will this do any good? Peter Suderman says we’ve been there, done that–and have bad memories as a result. Like participants in a national science fair, state governments have [...]

Put More Reform Options on the Table

Cross-posted from State House Call. It shouldn’t have to be said, but Gary Palmer of the Alabama Policy Institute says it: Government Controlled Health-care Reform is Not the Only Option–at least outside the minds of the leaders of Congressional Democrats. He says, in part: Instead of one giant reform bill, health care reform should be [...]

When is a Tax not a Tax?

Cross-posted from State House Call. The Republicans Party hasn’t done a really good job of breaking through with useful health reform ideas, but they do a great job of pointing out the hypocrisy of President Obama’s assertion that compulsory insurance is not a tax. It’s in this short video.

ObamaCare is Tyranny

Cross-posted from State House Call. As time passes, the real foundations and intents of ObamaCare become glaringly apparent. The latest ObamaCare revelation came from the supposed “bi-partisan” health care bill of Democratic Senator Max Baucus. Those who choose not to buy a government approved health care plan can be imprisoned up to one year and [...]