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Mr. Obama’s big proposal

President Obama’s much-anticipated health care address last night fell short of the groundbreaking proposals one might have expected from the hype. The President has firmed up support for a few ideas – individual and employer mandates that force people to enroll themselves, or their employees, in an insurance plan, and asserted his support for a [...]

83 year old Swedish woman too old to receive treatment

Marianne Skogh is an 83-year old Swedish woman who suffered from spinal stenosis. Skogh waited over a year to see a specialist under Sweden’s public health care system, only to be told that the pain and numbness in her legs was something that could be treated, but she was too old to undergo that treatment. [...]

You get what you pay for in health care

Proponents of Obamacare believe that reforms to the health care system can bring down or eliminate unnecessary costs in health care and that by facilitating these changes the government can bring overall health spending under control and create economic stimulus and universal insurance coverage in the process. No one is foolish enough to deny that [...]

With 53% opposed to it, why rush health care reform?

With the recent Rasmussen poll that suggests 53% of Americans are at least somewhat opposed to Congress plans to reform health care as the latest evidence that Americans are skeptical of governments’ plans to take on a greater role in that sector of the economy, it’s curious that President Obama continues to push for health reform before [...]

Massachusetts vs. Georgia

What are the differences between health care in Massachusetts, a state that has implemented many of the President’s proposed health care reforms, and Georgia, a considerably less regulated state? Much like the health care systems in other countries with socialized health insurance markets, costs are higher and wait times are longer in a more regulated [...]