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Mr. Obama’s big proposal

President Obama’s much-anticipated health care address last night fell short of the groundbreaking proposals one might have expected from the hype. The President has firmed up support for a few ideas – individual and employer mandates that force people to enroll themselves, or their employees, in an insurance plan, and asserted his support for a [...]

Obama’s Health Care Reform Plan to be Revealed

Next week, President Obama will finally release his own health care reform plan – one that the Democrats promise will be specific, ending speculation about exactly what kinds of reforms Mr. Obama – and the Democrats – support. He plans to list specific goals that any health insurance reform plan that arrives at his desk [...]

Great video set

The Washington Policy Center has released a three-part video set on health care reform. Highlights include a shot of the actual health care bill – over 1,000 pages (no wonder there is concern it won’t be read!), an excerpt from a list of what the current legislation would pay for, including street lights and farmers’ [...]

Freedoms you’ll lose under the congressional reform plan

CNN Money reports on the five freedoms Americans would lose if the current congressional health care reform plan were put through: The freedom to choose what’s in your plan Freedom to be rewarded for healthy living by paying your real costs Freedom to choose high deductible coverage The freedom to keep your existing plan The freedom [...]

The reality of health care cost estimates

In his latest column for Reason Magazine, John Stossel brings up an important point about health reform cost predictions: The administration estimates $1.5 trillion over 10 years with no increase in the deficit. But no one should take that seriously. When it comes to projecting future costs, these guys may as well be reading chicken [...]