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A Clothing-store Riot and Today’s Health Reform

Cross-posted from State House Call. What does reform legislation envisioned in Congress have in common with a chaotic day at an Ohio clothing store? A lot, says Gary Palmer, president of the Alabama Policy Institute. According to media reports, a woman pulled up to a Burlington Coat Factory in a Hummer limousine, walked to the [...]

Use Tort Reform to Increase Access to Health Care

Cross-posted from State House Call. Joe Nixon recalls what Texas has done with medical malpractice reform, and suggests that other states do the same. “These common-sense reforms,” he says, “have led to a massive increase in the accessibility of health care in Texas, huge growth in the capital infrastructure of hospitals and clinics, hundreds of [...]

States have Already Tested these Reforms

Cross-posted from State House Call. Congress wants to enact sweeping new regulations on insurance companies as well as a tax on individuals who don’t buy insurance. Will this do any good? Peter Suderman says we’ve been there, done that–and have bad memories as a result. Like participants in a national science fair, state governments have [...]

Put More Reform Options on the Table

Cross-posted from State House Call. It shouldn’t have to be said, but Gary Palmer of the Alabama Policy Institute says it: Government Controlled Health-care Reform is Not the Only Option–at least outside the minds of the leaders of Congressional Democrats. He says, in part: Instead of one giant reform bill, health care reform should be [...]

10 Ideas, Not 1,000 Pages

Cross-posted from State House Call. Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-Louisiana) offers the conservative case for health reform in today’s Washington Post. No doubt even conservatives will find something to disagree with in there, but it’s a start, and general better than what passes for reform in the majority proposals in Congress. Here’s what I think may [...]