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Michigan knows the costs of government health care

Michigan residents are more familiar than many Americans with the downfalls of Canada’s government-run health care system. That’s because so many Canadians come here to receive life-saving care when the wait lists in the country’s socialized medical system constitute a serious threat to their lives or quality of life. Timely Medical Alternatives, a company based [...]

So much for “You will be able to keep your plan. Period.”

In “Fannie Med? Why a “Public Option” is Hazardous to Your Health,” there is an interesting admission by the White House regarding President Obama’s promise to Americans that they will not lose health care that they are happy with. In a speech to the American Medical Association, President Obama reiterated a promise that he has made repeatedly [...]

With 53% opposed to it, why rush health care reform?

With the recent Rasmussen poll that suggests 53% of Americans are at least somewhat opposed to Congress plans to reform health care as the latest evidence that Americans are skeptical of governments’ plans to take on a greater role in that sector of the economy, it’s curious that President Obama continues to push for health reform before [...]

Government healthcare: Unconstitutional?

The WSJ did some coverage on existing SCOTUS case law, privacy rights and their implications for government health care yesterday. SCOTUS created and guarantees the right to privacy, which is justified by the Fourteenth Amendment:  ”… these matters, involving the most intimate and personal choices a person may make in a lifetime, choices central to [...]